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Mastering the change from storage developer to electricity service provider

Building on several years of intensive research into the fundamental storage technology, the goal was for the company to strategically change its focus from research to marketing.

This change was accompanied by the addition of new strategic investors and a new management team. The aim was to pursue an overarching platform and service strategy in the future.

On the basis of this corporate strategy, followed by a multi-stage naming process, GABC was commissioned with the comprehensive development of the future umbrella brand CERQ.

gabc cerq 2 gradient logo

Brand Strategy

To position the new master brand for commercialisation and platform strategy

With the development and launch of the new CERQ master brand, the company entered a new phase in its own corporate history: The new brand is an expression of the progression from an ambitious start-up to a trustworthy company that is highly attractive to corporate investors and industrial customers who want to reduce their ecological footprint.

Brand Design

Clear, distinct and fluent

The goal was to underline the self-confidence of a successful technology start-up with a clear, powerful design that is unlike anything else in the industry. The new, reduced logo uniquely interprets the idea of the circular economy. The colour scheme deliberately sets itself apart from the green and blue competition and gives the brand radiance and a noticeable "energetic charge". Accessibility is enhanced by inviting, interactive design elements, comprehensible, modern language and a playful and explanatory world of pictograms and graphics. In digital media, special emphasis was put on visualising the new technologies and their technically complex processes in a simple, understandable and interactive way and making them comprehensible for different audiences.

gabc cerq 4 blackclayimac
"With the new appearance and our CERQ brand, we are expanding the spectrum of our strategic possibilities and giving ourselves more options for further business opportunities."

Philipp Hammans, CEO Jenabatteries GmbH / CERQ

gabc cerq 5 macbook
gabc cerq 8 concretewall
gabc cerq 9 billboard
gabc cerq 10 electric van


Technology revolution visualised

The innovative tech company from Jena has a radiant, self-confident and very independent presence in an extremely dynamic and fast-growing market.

The success story becomes all the more visible and attractive for corporate investors, industrial customers and municipal operators.

However, CERQ does not only want to be perceived as an energy storage producer, but also to manage other services, technologies and processes as an integrated ecosystem under the new umbrella brand. The clear yet agile and playful appearance, as well as the development of the distinctive module design, provide space and flexibility for the planned corporate development.