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Schenk & Company Real Estate has distinguished itself in recent years as one of the most exclusive addresses for the brokerage of residential real estate in Frankfurt am Main. In addition to conventional rentals and the sale of high-quality residential properties, Schenk & Company has focused on the redevelopment of unique locations in Frankfurt, from the conversion of formerly unused office buildings to the development of previously derelict urban spaces. For many years, GABC has acted as a partner in the development of these new real estate brands, providing naming and positioning services and overseeing the entire marketing process.

Project Nusszeil

The reinvention of a city district

The village-like district of Alt Eschersheim near the Niddawiesen – a recreational area that spans Frankfurt – is ideally situated close to the city center. Nevertheless, the green and small-scale part of Frankfurt did not seem to progress for a long time. The district's former artisans and industrial businesses had moved away, often leaving behind vacant lots that characterized the neighborhood for decades. The Nusszeil 4-6 project develops one of these spaces, and brings generous living space back to a newly emerging district. High-quality apartments, generous and valuable outdoor spaces, and sunny roof gardens with a view of the Taunus Mountains are the characteristics of this future-oriented, sustainable residential building. Together with Schenk & Company as well as the project's developers and architects, GABC developed a sophisticated, modern design that reflects the property's former industrial history, typical materials used in the district and today's modern lifestyle.


Project Cron 66

Timeless and classy elegance

Located in one of Frankfurt's choice neighborhoods called Holzhausenviertel, this timeless and tasteful building now stands between Grüneburgpark and Holzhausenpark. It is hard to believe that an uninspiring office building previously stood here in the middle of the Gründerzeit district. The transformation was carried out in a sustainable way without complete demolition. The new identity had to showcase the site's potential before and during the construction phase, and illustrate how beneficial the conversion of former office space into residential space is for a neighborhood. GABC developed the positioning and marketing materials as well as many architectural details, such as the number 66 that is embedded in the fence.


Project Maynblick

New life in the Sommerhoff quarter

Downriver, next to Frankfurt's Westhaften neighborhood and directly adjacent to Sommerhoff Park, the newly developed Maynblick-Areal is located directly on the banks of the Main. The unique location, the sweeping view over the Main River and its green banks create a feeling of joie de vivre in the immediate vicinity of the city. Now open to the public, the park evolved from a private garden in the English landscape style that had been part of the country residence of Frankfurt banker Johann Noe Gogel from the early to the late 19th century. The name and architecture link the modern residential complex to the centuries-old history of Frankfurt's western waterfront. "Maynblick" integrates the original spelling of the river "Meyn," while the brick façade and terraced courtyards echo the architecture of the Gutleuthhof that shaped the neighborhood for centuries and was mentioned by Frankfurt's native son, the famous poet Johann Wolfgang Goethe. The holistic marketing concept features a bold, luminous design that interprets the unique, open location on the river, the sunny overall ensemble, the various recreational opportunities, and the literal "vacation feeling" that comes with being on the natural shore.

"I am particularly intrigued by the story of a place. I try to pass on the story in my projects or positively impact the urban environment through a new momentum."

Florian Schenk