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Health. Responsibility. Expertise.

The renowned CCB, Cardioangiologisches Centrum Bethanien in Frankfurt commissioned GABC with the holistic brand development for the intended CCB Privatklink. During the positioning and corporate design development, particular emphasis was placed on the future patient experience - an experience that was to be felt beyond the excellent medical care, as well as the comprehensive service. The former station 54 in the Agaplesion Markus Hospital in Frankfurt's Bockenheim district was to be converted into an ultra-modern hospital floor for the private clinic.

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» We want our patients to arrive and feel completely at ease. Just like at home. 

With our modern and elegantly furnished rooms and particularly attentive service, we want to make the patients' stay with us as pleasant as possible.

This creates the best conditions for recovery and well-being.«

Prof. Dr. med. KR Julian Chun, Head of practice

» The implementation of the entire appearance in the space was challenging, as the specifications and daily requirements for hospital rooms are extremely high. We wanted to understand the processes and patient wishes down to the last detail in order to accommodate the highest expectations.

Today's response is the strongest motivation for our future projects. «

Fabienne Routisseau, Senior Account Manager

Brand Design

Bringing the highest standards to life

The communication materials of the CCB Private Clinic are clean, spacious and bright. A friendly and precise language introduces patients to the various benefits and services of the CCB Private Clinic. The visual language supports this accessibility and puts the medical and nursing team at the centre. The characteristic colour scheme, clarity and colour language were transferred to the clinic design: from the signage system, the reception area, the patient and treatment rooms, a lounge to the clinic's own bistro.

Quality, value, design precision down to the last detail as well as many loving details create a unique ambience of well-being. Medical procedures, logistical and hygiene requirements, the needs of the nursing staff and the patients' demands were all taken into account when planning the facility.

Consistent furnishing with Hay furniture (MillerKnoll collective) also ensures a modern and airy interior design.

Brand Activation & Experience

A new level of identification and positive feedback

Across all media, the highest emphasis was put on clarity of communication and an empathetic support of the patients before, during and after their stay at the clinic. The communication is supported by a unique cross-lingual and friendly icon language.

The accessibility and closeness is particularly evident on the clinic's website, which allows the different interest groups to access specific information and includes direct opportunities to interact.

Since the opening of the CCB Private Clinic, a high degree of staff identification and a wideranging, positive response from patients have been noticeable.

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Quality and clarity - from planning to implementation

GABC was not only responsible for the entire media implementation - from patient folders to clinic websites, from shooting to signage system. GABC also coordinated the entire rebuilding process. Partners were specifically involved to support the different planning and implementation steps. All media implementations and the finished clinic rooms were handed over to the CCB Private Clinic for operation in spring 2023.


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» Many small details add up to create a big difference. We place the highest value on quality, equipment, atmosphere and comprehensive service. 

This ambition can now also be experienced in our new clinic rooms - both for our patients and our staff. «

Prof. Dr. med. Boris Schmidt, Head of clinic


A pleasant stay in a first-class ambience

With its modern and elegantly furnished facilities, the CCB Private Clinic creates the best conditions for the recovery and well-being of its patients.

GABC developed the holistic brand identity, all communication media, the signage system and the redesign of the entire facility for the private clinic: from the reception area, the patient and treatment rooms, a lounge to the clinic's own bistro. When redesigning the facilities and converting the existing areas, GABC placed particular emphasis on cost and time efficiency - while still maintaining the highest design standards.



The redefinition of a prime positioning in frankfurt.