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Turning receivables management
into positive customer experiences.


Strengthening customer-centricity, empathy and openness for dialog

collectAI was founded in 2016 as a fintech service provider within the Otto Group and focuses on the automation and harmonization of receivables management for retailers, utilities and insurers. The company's solutions are characterized by a particularly high degree of customer proximity, empathy and an emphasis on dialog, which is achieved in particular through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

After the first years of growth and increasing establishment in the market, collectAI realized that the existing corporate design no longer met the company's growing content and technical requirements – so GABC was commissioned to revise the brand strategy, design and website.

Brand Strategy

Creating positive customer experiences – interactive, intelligent, innovative

At collectAI, the use of artificial intelligence is not an end in itself, but a way to provide an optimized user experience. This makes it possible to maximize the value to the customer over the long term. The brand strategy involved conveying the benefits of the collectAI-specific combination of empathy, dialog orientation, and technical sophistication to corporate clients.

Due to the growing significance of artificial intelligence, collectAI finds itself in increasing competition for top talent, prompting the creation of an attractive positioning for the employer brand.

"Using a straightforward process, GABC helped us sharpen our positioning and brand messages, transfer them into a smart design and thereby to facilitate our transformation from a start-up to an ambitious scale-up."

Thomas von Hake, Managing Director collectAI


Brand Design

Precise, powerful and approachable

We modernized the existing brand design. We first identified which elements of the corporate design would be retained, then updated and complemented them, so that they ideally reflect the sharpened brand positioning in the overall design. The challenge was to emphasize the self-confidence of a successful technology company through a clear, powerful and vibrant design.
Inviting, interactive design elements, as well as an understandable, uncluttered design vocabulary and an accessible, authentic visual world underscore the accessibility and dialog orientation of the company's own product. Following the same approach, we also developed a unique and explanatory graphic style that visualizes technically complex processes in a straightforward way and makes them comprehensible for interested viewers.



A new level of identification

The collective refinement of brand positioning and messages allowed the necessary clarity of approach and the development of a clear, concise design, including a framework for creating distinctive icons.

All this is particularly reflected in the newly designed corporate website, which provides the various target groups with specific information and always includes direct opportunities to start a dialog. This allows corporate users to anticipate the actual consumer benefit and personally experience the added value of collectAI.

Following the gradual rollout of the design, collectAI reports a high level of identification within the company, improved self-confidence among employees, and positive reactions from customers and prospective employees.


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From forklift holding to
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