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Reimagining digital media
for private banking clients.


Bringing the analytical expertise of DZ BANK to life

The customer magazine of DZ BANK has been inspiring private clients of the Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken since 2018. "Friedrich: Research. Trends. Analysis" is published every three months with up-to-date assessments of capital markets and the economy as well as investment suggestions. As partners of DZ BANK, the cooperative banks can distribute the magazine to their private clients electronically. "Friedrich" (named after Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen, one of the fathers of the modern banking cooperative and namesake of the Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken) is published exclusively online, underscoring DZ BANK's digital ambition.


Brand Design

Making market developments tangible

"Friedrich" is different. In terms of form alone, the online magazine stands out from other publications and is distinguished primarily by a modern and visually refreshing layout. The articles are written in a captivating manner, and the luxurious design allows for user-friendly features such as animated graphics and short videos.

Twelve interesting sections with a state-of-the-art layout are available to readers. The main article as well as a wide-ranging overview of financial topics guide the reader to additional articles. A videotaped interview with the former chief economist of DZ BANK AG, Stefan Bielmeier concludes each section.

In terms of content, "Friedrich" covers the entire analytical expertise of DZ BANK Research and features a wide range of economic and financial subjects – from topical news stories to investment strategies and explanations of various technical terms from the world of finance.

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"Knowledge grows through its application.
That's why we share it.
Our bank's full spectrum of expertise
in a modern format – that's Friedrich."

DZ BANK Research

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Understanding markets in motion

DZ BANK's online magazine for the private clients of the Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken is now well established in the market. "Friedrich: Research. Trends. Analysis" devotes each issue to current topics such as the risk of subsidies, low interest rates, the transformation of the German economy, China's Silk Road project, fears of a real estate bubble, and much more.

"Friedrich: Research. Trends. Analysis" is published quarterly. Content, visuals and technology are developed and managed by GABC in cooperation with 3st Kommunikation. Each issue has its own cover animation to match the cover topic. All articles are illustrated in a visually consistent manner and, if applicable, supplemented by animated graphics. Highlights such as video interviews and a comment column complement each issue.



Kion Group

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