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A brand space for Germany's
second largest bank.


Creating success together - and bringing it to life

Based on many years of trustful partnership, GABC was commissioned with the concept development and implementation of a digital brand space for DZ BANK. The aim of this brand space was to offer guidance to the various internal and external target groups for the messages of DZ BANK and the group and thus to promote identification with the work and ambition of DZ BANK.

And as the DZ BANK is particularly successful in the interaction within its strong cooperative financial group, the brand space of DZ BANK also wants to emphasise the community and synergies in the messages of DZ BANK - with a curatable, multifaceted user experience that puts the focus on the statements and stories from DZ BANK.

A user experience that is accessible both digitally via a website and in a modern brand contact point in the foyer of the DZ BANK headquarters in Frankfurt.

DZ BANK Brand:

gabc dzbank markenraum 1




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