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Good books
happen for a reason.


A unique blend of journalism, photography and design

Freudenfreude is a team of experienced and dedicated book consultants who are commissioned by companies or families to convey their very own, individual stories. Through a trustful and sensitive collaboration, inspiring stories about regions, people, traditions, values, nature and, above all, their unique cuisine are revealed.
Team Freudenfreude covers all components in the creation of an everlasting corporate book: the team creates distinctive and valuable one-off pieces in limited editions. As a result, culinary works of art are created - derived from family or corporate history. The Freudenfreude team provides comprehensive advice, researches with sensitivity and respect, photographs, texts and designs books from the idea to the implementation and publication with craftsmanship.
GABC developed the overall brand appearance for Freudenfreude.

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Brand Strategy

Good books happen for a reason

The name "Freudenfreude" is based on an article in the New York Times. "Freudenfreude", according to the New York Times, describes "the bliss we feel when someone else succeeds."

The word, which is rather unusual in German, encompasses exactly the core of the creators of the books. For Freudenfreude dives into unique regions for a period of time and involves people in the respective story - full of curiosity, but always empathetic and filled with respect. Freudenfreude creates a stage for these people and cultures, as well as for unique families and companies, which brings about more than success or fame: it evokes enthusiasm and unforgettable memories.

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Brand Design

The unique flavours of a Mediterranean lifestyle

The brand identity is based on the basic elements of book design and publishing. Embossings, font combinations, narrative imagery and a colour palette that constantly cite the delightful ingredients of a Mediterranean meal within the corporate design. The unique, customised and high-quality produced works of book art are also the focus of the brand identity. Their very personal stories and the masterful preparation of the books are also to be experienced in the overall communication - not least through the emotional and narrative imagery.

"Pleasure, sensuality, emotion, adventure, dedication and empathy, humanity and ethos, savoir vivre and the unconditional desire to create unforgettable, unique and finest quality pieces. This is what Freudenfreude means to me.“

Angela Gries, Design, GABC

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gabc freudenfreude 10 totebag
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A name as a claim

The Süddeutsche Zeitung wrote about the New York Times article: "Since language is something very much alive, one can always rejoice as soon as a fresh word appears somewhere. The New York Times, for example, just reported to its readers that the word "Freudenfreude" is common in Germany. The Italian magazine Grazia, the Sydney Morning Herald and other leading international media have also mentioned this before her..."

The team of Freudenfreude with its wonderful stories and imagery will ensure that we use the term "Freudenfreude" more naturally (and full of joy and pride) in the German-speaking world as well.

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