GABC Selected Cases

Deutsche Börse Group

From stock exchange to financial infrastructure provider.


Enabling Brand Change

Deutsche Börse Group has evolved into a technology-driven and internationally active financial market infrastructure provider. This development poses a variety of challenges for the Deutsche Börse Group brand and the dynamically grown subsidiary brands. GABC advises and supports Deutsche Börse Group in the areas of brand architecture, brand strategy, corporate design, brand spaces, brand activation and brand management.

Brand Strategy

Creating trust in the markets of today and tomorrow

The increasingly clear positioning as a technology company emphasizes values such as ingenuity, pioneering spirit, transparency and innovative strength, but also poses new challenges for the Deutsche Börse Group brand in the market as well as in the areas of brand architecture, brand strategy, communication, corporate identity and – not least – in recruiting talent.

We are particularly proud that, beyond assignments in branding, we are able to provide support to Deutsche Börse in some unique projects. Since 2017, the company has been a partner of Eintracht Frankfurt – a strong commitment to the region. To demonstrate this commitment, GABC designed a VIP fan lounge in Frankfurt's Waldstadion (Deutsche Bank Park) in cooperation with .bieker Architekten.


Brand Design

The evolution of a strong brand

When the Frankfurt Stock Exchange became Deutsche Börse in 1992, the Stankowski + Duschek design studio developed an ascending stock curve as a new logo, which – in a simplified form – is still in use today as the company's trademark. Around this iconographic symbol, GABC's corporate design was further developed and significantly simplified for applications in digital media in particular. The character-forming basic elements are now used in a more striking, confident and flexible way and supplemented by modern illustrations and graphics.

The new visual language developed by GABC is based on a basic conceptual theme and can be expanded gradually. It characterizes the group-wide corporate identity, but also – thanks to a broad-based image pool – allows for thematically suitable images for all business areas.

"The evolution of the corporate design has shown how powerful certain design elements still are today. Modernity resulted from simplification, liberation, complementation and deliberate reinforcement."

Prof. Gregor Ade, Managing Partner GABC

Brand Management

Global manageability, flexibility and clarity

We created simple, concise guidelines for the evolutionary development of the corporate identity, as well as a range of templates to make the design elements more flexible and easy to manage. Among other things, a web toolbox and a modular system for digital banners increase implementation speed, flexibility and efficiency.

A new globally applicable Office Design Manual, developed in collaboration with Studio Julian Breinersdorfer, guides the contemporary architectural design of buildings and office spaces and provides specifications for orientation systems, materials and furnishings.



Heading strongly into the future

Today, the brand identity is more distinct and powerful and can be applied in a more straightforward way across the Group and internationally. All design elements can respond flexibly to communicative needs and have been particularly optimized for use in digital media. During implementation, we made it a priority to ensure that the corporate design will be able to address dynamic corporate developments in the future.



Value creation for
the digital shift.