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Kunststiftung DZ BANK

A new frame for over
10,000 works of art.


From collection to foundation

DZ BANK's art collection was entrusted to the hands of a dedicated foundation in 2021. By establishing the foundation, DZ BANK acknowledged the growing significance of the art collection, which is reflected in the increasing number of exhibitions, collaborations with other art institutions, workshops for teachers and children, and art-science and interdisciplinary symposia.

In light of these developments, the appearance of the newly established DZ BANK Art Foundation was to be redesigned from a content, formal and functional point of view, in line with the corporate identity of DZ BANK.

20211216 kunsstiftutung uebersichts mockup dw
"The evolution from a collection to a foundation was an emancipatory, logical step in the institution's development."

Dr. Christina Leber Managing Director and Artistic Director, Kunststiftung DZ BANK

20211216 kunststiftung leuhtkasten mockup
20211216 kunststiftung interior folierung
"The new visual identity of the DZ BANK Art Foundation addresses the change in perspective that art can take, or that we as viewers can experience."

PROF. GREGOR ADE, Managing Partner GABC


A confident visual identity for a unique institution

Clarity, modularity, cross-media versatility and exhibition-specific elements define the new visual appearance of the DZ BANK Art Foundation. The art foundation now has a consistent presence across the key social media channels and leverages these to provide comprehensive insights into the collection, grants programs, as well as exhibitions, and to introduce artists. The new website structures the content based on the foundation's goals of promoting, exhibiting, and teaching, and provides a broad look (and review) of the institution's overall activities. 


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