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Where history and modernity
merge in a unique residential project.

Summary Projekt Nusszeil

The reinvention of a city district

The village-like district of Alt Eschersheim near the Niddawiesen – a recreational area that spans Frankfurt – is ideally situated close to the city center. Nevertheless, the green and small-scale part of Frankfurt did not seem to progress for a long time. The district's former artisans and industrial businesses had moved away, often leaving behind vacant lots that characterized the neighborhood for decades. The Nusszeil 4-6 project develops one of these spaces, and brings generous living space back to a newly emerging district. High-quality apartments, generous and valuable outdoor spaces, and sunny roof gardens with a view of the Taunus Mountains are the characteristics of this future-oriented, sustainable residential building. Together with Schenk & Company as well as the project's developers and architects, GABC developed a sophisticated, modern design that reflects the property's former industrial history, typical materials used in the district and today's modern lifestyle.

„Especially for high-end real estate projects, customized and empathetic marketing is essential.

The vision of future properties must be shaped into an image that generates emotions.“

Florian Schenk, Founder and Managing Partner, Schenk & Company