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Value creation for
the digital shift.


Prepare for the new

This up-and-coming strategy consultancy, which focuses on the potential of design as a management tool, is quite unique in the market. "Prenew is a strategy consultancy for digital transformation. We help companies prepare for the new. We understand design leadership as a strategic leadership tool to increase effectiveness: only by leading through design one can realize the full potential to strengthen customer relationships and develop new growth potential during times of change."

Brand strategy, positioning and the design concept were developed in close cooperation with the founders of the German and Swiss-based consultancy.


Brand Design

Value creation for the digital shift

Prenew's corporate design demonstrates clarity, precision, consistency, but also the individuality and the creative potential of the executive consulting firm.

All types of media are formally based on a scalable grid – a responsive design system that was created for digital applications and is also used for print media.

The corporate identity is completed by a unique, characteristic style of images and graphics that interprets various components of Prenew's consulting approach more freely.



Heading into the future

The digital transformation of institutions, medium-sized companies and corporations is still dominated by a great deal of uncertainty. Prenew starts here and accompanies its clients on their way into new territory. For this purpose, GABC has created a distinct, clear and powerful brand identity that underscores Prenew's consulting promise: "We are pilots. We help organizations chart their course and stay on it."



Setting the bar for premium
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