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Waldeck Rechtsanwälte

Premium thinking.
Excellent results.


Making the highest advisory quality a tangible experience

Since the firm's founding, the Waldeck Rechtsanwälte brand has continued to develop steadily and vigorously in a highly competitive market environment. Today, the four areas of M&A/corporate, outsourcing, infrastructure and banking are the center of the firm's business law practice.

All communicative activities are designed to emphasize the firm's expertise, its agility, the expertise of its staff, and the partnership-based counseling of its clients. The aim for the overall brand identity is to be contemporary, individual, intelligent and, compared to the other firms in the market, surprising and unusual.


Brand Strategy

Achieving the very best together

Waldeck Rechtsanwälte represents premium thinking, working together and excellent results. The unifying core of these three fields, "Excellence Together," positions the law firm confidently and distinctively in a competitive market environment and creates opportunities for the ongoing evolution of channels, media and client approach.

Employees were intensively involved in the strategic brand development and a great deal of emphasis was put on consistent, clear and dialog-oriented communication with clients in both digital and print media, but equally in the offices and at events.

Brand Design

Excellence together – also in brand design

The corporate design of Waldeck Rechtsanwälte is clean, distinctive and recognizable. The individual interests of the clients and the ambition to address them with tailor-made advice are meant to be experienced in the law firm's visual identity.

Therefore, the appearance of the law firm does not stay rigid, but offers space for individual design elements. Depending on the situation and the medium, the corporate design can react to specific requirements and be tailored to the needs of the respective target group.



Individual, smart and unusual

Today, Waldeck Rechtsanwälte is one of the top 25 commercial law firms in Frankfurt. Clarity, precision and a unique character define the constantly evolving brand presence and strengthen the firm's position for long-term growth.

From the lobby design, the presentation of the law firm's offices, the website and the general client communication to the design of all events, carefully crafted invitations and Christmas mailings, the cohesiveness and yet individuality of the Waldeck Rechtsanwälte design is unique in today's marketplace.



Reimagining digital media
for private banking clients.