GABC Selected Cases

Wirtschaftsförderung Frankfurt

Identifying the new
brand promise for Germany’s
business capital.


Urban development with a unified attitude

The city achieves dynamism, stability and resilience to crises through a high diversity of resident companies. Although known primarily for its strong financial sector, Frankfurt am Main has diverse important target industries: Creative industries, IT and telecommunications, biotechnology and life sciences, logistics and industry. Swift and unobstructed access to the market is guaranteed by local institutions and educational establishments. The Frankfurt Business Development Agency is a competent contact for location issues and questions regarding the economic development of the city on the Main.

Together with the Economic Development Agency, GABC developed a clear, overarching positioning that bundled the various and previously independent competence centres for the different target industries. GABC facilitated this brand process collaboratively in various workshops together with numerous stakeholders. Great importance was placed on the planning of the implementation process - with the aim of making the new joint brand presence manageable and sustainably consistent. The aim of the process was to formulate a tender briefing and to accompany the agency selection process for the visual brand identity.

Today, the Frankfurt Economic Development Corporation represents the economic power of the city and the region with a unified stance and a visually consistent, concise appearance both at home and abroad. The implementation was then carried out by the brand agency Markwald Neusitzer Identity, which had won the tender.



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